Stem Cell Therapy Questions and Answers

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Stem Cell Therapy Questions and Answers
Stem Cell Therapy Questions and Answers

At Maki Wellness Center & Aesthetics we want to help all of our patients achieve freedom from their chronic pain. We proudly offer a wide range of treatment options that can positively impact the lives of our patients. We believe in providing minimally invasive treatment techniques that can help chronic pain sufferers overcome their symptoms, improve their mobility, and lead a happier life without relying on invasive surgery or harsh pharmaceutical drugs. Stem cell therapy is just one treatment option we offer to patients in the Winter Springs, FL area.

How do stem cells work and what are they?

Stem cells are unique because they are undifferentiated. This means they have the ability to become an infinite number of different types of cells. Stem cells can be used to support the human body’s natural reparative processes in order to heal injured tissues. Through the process of differentiation, stem cells can become whatever type of cell is necessary in the area in which it has been injected. Tendon injuries, arthritis, and other chronic pain conditions can all be improved by using stem cell therapy to heal the compromised parts of the body from within.

Where do stem cells come from?

Stem cells can be harvested from many different sources. Donated blood from umbilical cords, plants, and even bone marrow and fat from adults all contain stem cells. Stem cells offer a unique path forward for patients with a wide range of conditions. Stem cells may sometimes be harvested from a patient’s own fat or bone marrow, decreasing the chances of a negative reaction from the injections.

Can stem cell therapy treat chronic pain?

Stem cell therapy can be helpful for patients suffering from chronic pain symptoms. Stem cell therapy may reduce inflammation or help heal tissues associated with degenerative diseases such as arthritis. Stem cell therapy may be especially effective for patients with joint pain and injuries. Patients suffering from chronic pain in their hips, elbows, knees, and back may be the most likely to benefit from stem cell therapy.

What conditions can stem cell therapy help treat?

Stem cell therapy can improve a wide range of conditions. Chronic pain, spinal cord injuries, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and arthritis are just a few of the chronic conditions that stem cell therapy can help treat. Symptoms associated with diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and muscular dystrophy have also been shown to benefit from stem cell therapy. Stem cells offer unique therapeutic options for patients who may not have had any previously. Stem cell therapy is an important treatment option for patients who are interested in minimally invasive, non-surgical options for reducing inflammation and pain, and rejuvenating their bodies from the inside out.

Do stem cell injections hurt?

As with any injection, there is an amount of pain to be expected from stem cell therapy. However, it is important to remember that the temporary pain of a stem cell injection can lead to incredible long-term benefits. Stem cells have been shown to decrease nerve damage and improve scar tissue formation. The pain relief is a side effect of the reparative processes that stem cells stimulate within the body. If you live in the Winter Springs, FL area and are interested in the potential benefits of stem cell therapy for chronic pain management, contact Maki Wellness Center & Aesthetics to make an appointment today.