Safety Measures for Physical Visits at Maki Wellness

Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers. That’s why we have amended our procedures to ensure our medspa will remain as safe as possible. Below are the precautionary and safety measures that shall be observed:

  • We are only going to see patients by appointments (One client at a time)
  • For safety reasons, no kids will be allowed in the office.
  • All patients must attend their appointments alone. Any companions must stay in the car.
  • Patients must attend their appointments with a facemask.
  • All patients will be screened prior to be seen (temperature checked, asked questions). All this screening will be done in the parking lot, before coming into the office. *Clients will text/call us to inform them they are outside, and our staff step outside to perform the screening process.
  • If a patient must remove the mask for a procedure, the doctor will be using extra protective gear during this time.
  • Please know that Maki Wellness will not be seeing patients exhibiting any of the COVID-19 symptoms. If you have any symptoms, please inform us and we will gladly reschedule.8. All patients will be asked to sanitize their hands prior to stepping into the treatment room.
  • All patients must attend their appointments on time. Our waiting room will be closed and if you fail to be on time, we will not be able to see you.
  • Please know that appointments will take longer than usual, as we will be sterilizing with UV light everything after each appointment and the whole process could take up to 20 minutes. We are taking these measures for your safety.