Lash Lift

Lash Lift Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Are You Looking for “Woke Up Like This” Eyelashes? Save Yourself Some Time Working on Your Eyelashes Every Day With a Lash Lift at Maki Wellness Center & Aesthetics! Come in Today for a One on One Consultation With Our Providers to See if This Treatment is Right for You. We’ve Helped Many of Our Patients in the Winter Springs, FL Area Achieve Results They Want With Their Eyelashes.

Lash Lift Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL
Lash Lift Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Looking for a lash lift treatment serving Winter Springs, FL and Oviedo, FL area? Visit Maki Wellness Center and Aesthetics! Do you have any questions about the Last Lift treatment or how it works? We have the answers!

What is a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift will temporarily straighten or curl your eyelashes. It is not only safe but also a straightforward treatment to receive. Patients also often choose to add an ultra-hydrating keratin treatment option to their service that will only enhance and highlight your natural beauty and eyelashes. Lash Lifts have given our patients in the Winter Springs, FL area the option for dark, luscious, and beautifully curled lashes when they want them. Best of all, they are very low maintenance and require a minimal commitment to maintaining. A lift lash is much like a perm your mother or grandmother would get in the 1980s, we use a chemical solution to shape your lashes into the shape you desire. If they made mechanical curlers that small enough for your eyelashes, it would mostly have the same effect.

Do I need to prepare for a Lash Lift?

The more eyelash you have, the more dramatic the results will be when we are finished our treatment. Some other treatments can stimulate the growth of your eyelashes. Talk to our provider about this possibility, and we can make some recommendations.

Can I customize what I want to do with my Lash Lift?

Yes! Talk with our provider so we can plan your treatment. You will talk about your goals, style, and what you usually do with your eyelashes. We can customize your treatment to meet the goals you want in most cases.

What should I expect during a Lash Lift Treatment?

After your initial consultation and treatment plan has been decided upon, we will clean your lashes. During this time we will separate your bottom lashes from your top lashes, so neither will get the incorrect treatment. We will use a silicone shield and use gentle adhesive to attach that to your skin. The lashes are combed in the direction and shape they are to take on to the silicon shield. From there, we use a perming solution to lock those shapes into place. This eye-safe solution softens and then shapes the eyelashes into place. After that, a setting solution and oils are applied to your eyelashes to complete the treatment. The solution and oils will hydrate your lashes so that the treatment will last for as long as possible.

How long does a Lash Lift treatment take to complete?

Most treatments take six to twelve minutes to complete. However, this can vary depending on the type of hair that you have. Thick and straight eyelashes may require some more time and work to achieve the goals you want.

How long do Lash Lifts last?

More often than not, we see Lash Lifts last up to eight weeks. Reapplications of this treatment are suggested six to eight weeks after a visit to our clinic. Again, the type of lashes you have, their thickness, and how quickly they grow play a factor in this timeframe. Lash Lifts are also very low maintenance. Other than keeping them moisturized, you do not need to prepare your face or sleep in a certain way to maintain your results in most cases.

Can I wear mascara with a Lash Lift?

Yes! You can wear any eye makeup after treatment. Just wait 24 hours to ensure the treatment has completely set. Otherwise, you may lose some of the results you were hoping for. During the first 24 hours, you will want to avoid not only eye makeup but also all forms of humidity and moisture. Want to know more about our Lash Lift Treatment or make an appointment? Call our friendly staff today. We look forward to hearing from you!