IV Therapy Treatment

IV Therapy Treatment Near Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

IV therapy is one of the newest and most interesting ways of hydrating and fueling the human body. Many of us aren’t properly hydrated and have nutritional deficiencies, so we’re functioning like an engine that isn’t properly lubricated, but IV therapy can help fix the issue so we can function at our finest! If you’re suffering from a vitamin/mineral deficiency, then you’ll want to read on to learn more about IV therapy near you here at Maki Wellness Center.

IV Therapy Treatment Near Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL
IV Therapy Treatment Near Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Why do people get IV therapy?

It’s a form of therapy to help the body function properly and more efficiently. With IV therapy, a patient hydrates their body and gives it the vitamins and minerals it needs and might not be getting enough of or receiving properly. This can help to correct a nutritional deficiency and properly hydrate the body.

There are some significant benefits of IV therapy. For one, the nutrients are put right into the patient’s bloodstream where they get carried throughout the whole body, so the nutrients are absorbed very quickly and more efficiently by the body. This is a big advantage of IV therapy over oral supplementation. Another benefit of IV therapy is that it hydrates the body thoroughly, which is especially beneficial to patients suffering from chronic dehydration and its symptoms like foggy memory. There are other possible benefits of IV therapy, like less fatigue in the day, better sleep at night, faster recovery from jet lag, and increased red blood cell production. Also, athletes can benefit from a faster recovery time too.

How does IV therapy work?

It works for different patients in different ways, but the main way it works for patients is by making up for a nutritional deficiency. This relieves symptoms like fatigue and poor memory, and as a result, patients may experience an overall improvement in their wellness and life. In studies of IV therapy, many patients reported improvements in their sleep, energy levels, ailment recovery time, and overall wellness. Some studies with high doses of vitamin C had patients reporting a better quality of life.

If you believe you have a nutritional deficiency or a problem staying properly hydrated, we can provide a comprehensive micronutrient test and even a DNA test here at our clinic, and if you would benefit from treatment, we can provide IV therapy. The treatment itself is easy and uses only a simple IV, so you’ll be able to rest in a private room and enjoy any relaxing activity you like. A session lasts only about 45 minutes, then that’s it, and you can get back to your everyday life feeling rejuvenated!

What kinds of IV therapy do you offer?

We offer medical-grade IV therapy with a customized blend for each patient. Our most popular IV therapy infusion cocktails include our Anti-Inflammatory IV Drip, our Vitamin C Infusion, our Immunity Blend, Anti-Aging IV Infusion, the Weight-Loss Booster Drip, and the famous Myers’ Cocktail. Our treatments start at $99, and a consultation with our clinic is 100% complimentary.

Do you offer IV therapy treatment near Winter Springs and Oviedo, Florida?

Yes, we do, and to learn more about it, contact us today for your free consultation! Dr. Vincenzo Giuliano is the provider you’ll be speaking with. Maki Wellness Center is located over at 670 E State Road 434 Winter Springs, FL 32708, and you can Call us . Alternatively, you can book your consultation with the doctor online. He’d be happy to speak with you about your wellness, your health goals, and how much a customized treatment could help you. Reach out to us today for that consultation!