IV Therapy Infusion

IV Therapy in Winter Springs and Oviedo, FL

At Maki Wellness Center & Aesthetics, Our Experienced Medical Providers Offer a Wide Range of IV Therapy Drips! If You Are Interested in a Treatment That Can Help You Restore Hydration, Boost Your Energy, Replenish Essential Vitamins & Minerals, IV Therapy Might Be the Best Option for You. Call Us or Schedule an Appointment Online!

IV Therapy in Winter Springs and Oviedo, FL
IV Therapy in Winter Springs and Oviedo, FL

Maki Wellness & Spa offers medical grade Intravenous therapy (IV) to patients seeking the most natural way to balance mineral & vitamin deficiencies with 100% absorption rate. No downtime, no side effects – just pure infusions of vital nutrients lacking in our foods and daily intake. 30 day supply of over the counter supplements infused into a 45 minute session.

Ten customized IV therapies designed for optimal health and wellness. The advantage of intravenous therapy is the rapid replenishment of vital micronutrients with 99% immediate bioavailability to body organs and tissues. This bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, where only of 1% of nutritional supplements may be absorbed.

Our IV therapies are generally administered by a highly qualified medical professional but always supervised by our medical director Dr Vincenzo Giuliano Duration of IV drips ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Repeat IV treatments are recommended from days to months based on the half-life of the agents administered. The longer half-life agents are retained in body tissues for longer periods.

Half-lives are generally under 2 hours for most agents, with longer half-life for: vitamin B12 (6 days), vitamin B6 (20 days), and vitamin D3 (25 days). Protocols are subject to individual needs and pre-exiting medical conditions.

Our lead Medical Director, Dr. Vincenzo Giuliano creates a customized blend suited for each patient’s wellness needs and goals. If you’re curious about what exactly your body is missing, we also offer a comprehensive micronutrient test & DNA testing to give you exact results specific to your current state of cellular health. Our most sought after IV Therapy Infusion Cocktails are as follows: