BB Skin Glow Treatment Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Are You Looking for BB Skin Glow Treatment Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL? Come to Maki Wellness Center Today and Schedule an Appointment! BB Glow Skin Treatment Is a Semi-Permanent Make Up Treatment That Can Help You Achieve That Glow, Radiant, and Younger-Looking Skin!

BB Skin Glow Treatment Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL
BB Skin Glow Treatment Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Maki Wellness Center and Aesthetics is now proud to offer BB Skin Glow Treatment for clients serving Winter Springs, FL and Oviedo, FL! Do you have any questions about these products? We got the answers!

What is BB Glow Skin Treatment?

This latest anti-aging beauty treatment has come to the United States from South Korea and is also known as a Korean BB Glow Treatment. This treatment will give your face a semi-permanent foundation using nano needling technology. It is scientifically proven to infuse the top layer of your skin with nutrient-rich tinted BB cream. Patients have responded positively to this treatment and report excellent results.

What can BB Glow Skin Treatment do for my skin?

BB Glow Skin Treatment is an intensive and safe skin whitening treatment. It is suggested for those who have uneven skin tones and can reduce the appearance of freckles. This treatment can also treat skin discoloration caused by acne or damaged by sunlight. The serum used for this treatment has many applications.

What is the BB Glow Skin Treatment serum made of?

The BB Glow Skin Treatment uses a serum includes natural plant extract, stem cells, and niacinamide vitamin B3. The serum also contains special peptides called EGF growth factor. This substance stimulates cell growth and division, helping to restore your skin.

Is BB Glow Skin Treatment covered by my insurance?

In many cases, this treatment is not covered by most insurances. This treatment is considered to be a cosmetic treatment and therefore are not usually covered by most carriers. The cost for BB Glow Skin Treatment will depend on the areas that are being treated and how many treatments you need to achieve your goals. Meeting with our providers one on one for a consultation will help us give you an idea about the total cost of your treatments. Some financing may be available, and you can ask our experienced staff for more information.

Where are you located?

The Maki Wellness Center & Aesthetics is located at 670 E State Road 434 Winter Springs, FL 32708. We are open Tue-Thu & Fri: 10am-5pm , Sat: 10am-2pm. If you would like to make an appointment or need more information about BB Glow Skin Treatment, call us!