BB Lip Tint Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Are You Looking for BB Lip Tint Treatment Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL? Come to Maki Wellness Center Today and Schedule an Appointment With Our Experienced Providers. We’ll Meet With You One on One to Develop a Treatment Plan That Will Achieve Your Goals. We Look Forward to Working With You to Bring the “New You” Forward!

BB Lip Tint Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL
BB Lip Tint Serving Winter Springs, FL And Oviedo, FL

Looking for a semi-permanent lip treatment near you? Visit Maki Wellness Center and Aesthetics! We offer BB Lip Tint treatment for clients looking to emphasize their lip color with no pain or downtime. Do you have any questions about BB Lip Tint? Please see the answers below!

What is BB Lip Tint?

BB Lip Tint, also known as BB Lips Kissum, is a pigmenting coloring treatment. It gently colors your lips to highlight them, emphasizing your lip color. This treatment will make your lips silky skin smooth by nourishing, moisturizing, and regenerating the surface of your lips. We use a microneedle therapy system for this treatment, and we have seen many patients meet their goals with excellent results.

When should I expect to see the results from a BB Lip Tint treatment?

You should start to see the initial results in about two weeks. However, in order to maintain your goals, follow up treatments are needed. This treatment does not give you “permanent makeup” and will fade over time without additional follow up and maintenance treatments. We have found that two to four treatments generally allows this effect to last about four to six months.

What can I expect after my first treatment?

Your lips will be very moisturized and will be regenerated. The color is semi-translucent, similar to semi-transparent lip gloss. There is no gloss effect, however. You can ask for more details from our provider about what to expect after each treatment.

What lip colors are available?

Currently, we have red, pink, red wine, and delicate pink available for our BB Lip Tint Treatment.