BB Lip Tint

BB Lip Tint Procedure Specialist Questions and Answers

If you are looking to add a bit more color to your lips, and have the color last longer without permanent results, BB Lip Tint is the treatment for you that we offer in Winter Springs, FL! for more information, call us or schedule an appointment online.

BB Lip Tint Procedure Specialist Near Me in Winter Springs, FL
BB Lip Tint Procedure Specialist Near Me in Winter Springs, FL

Have you been interested in the new lip blushing trends going on, and wondering how it would look on you, but worried about the permanent results? Maki Wellness Center offers the BB Lip Treatment for clients interested in adding more emphasis to their lips with a bit of lip color, with no pain or downtime after the treatment.

If you are interested in helping your natural lips bring some more color pop to them without the painful or long treatment sessions of other similar treatments available, BB Lip Tint (BB Lip Kissum) is for you! Contact Maki Wellness Center today to learn more about this amazing and innovative procedure.

What is BB Lip Tint?

BB Lips is the newest lip cosmetic trend which offers an innovative technology which provides natural lip color a more emphasized or illuminated effect with a touch of color. BB Lips is also widely known as BB Lips Kissum which provides a full beautifully accentuated lips effect as it smooths any wrinkles, firms the skin and helps to stop premature aging skin.

BB Lip Kissum provides a fantastic alternative to permanent makeup if you are unsure of the long-lasting effects of permanent makeup. BB Lip Kissum allows your lips to stay hydrated, nourished and regenerates the skin of the lips providing silky soft.

The BB Lip Kissum formulation is applied with a microneedle, and the effects from this treatment is visible immediately with the full effects from the treatment available within 2 weeks. The durability of color is necessary to perform the series of treatments, as it is mentioned that this treatment is not a permanent solution for cosmetic makeup, so maintenance appointments are a must.

If the cosmetic treatment is repeated at least 2 to 4 times, the color can end up lasting up to 6 months; with each number of treatments increasing, the color saturation will increase. After your very first treatment, you can expect a rather moisturized and regenerated lips. The needle that is used does not apply the pigment color deep into the skin unlike other treatments, due to this, the pigmentation then lasts around for up to 6 months and can vary depending on each individual’s natural lip color and the number of sessions they have completed beforehand.

BB Lip Tint, also known as BB Lips Kissum, is a pigmenting coloring treatment. It gently colors your lips to highlight them, emphasizing your lip color. This treatment will make your lips silky skin smooth by nourishing, moisturizing, and regenerating the surface of your lips. We use a microneedle therapy system for this treatment, and we have seen many patients meet their goals with excellent results.

When should I expect to see the results from a BB Lip Tint treatment?

Usually, our patients start to see their initial results within two weeks after the treatment. However, if you want to maintain these beautiful results, follow-up treatments are a must. This treatment does not offer you the “permanent cosmetics” look, and does fade over time without any additional follow-up treatments that are used for maintenance purposes. We have found that if our patients book a maintenance appointment, that on average two to four treatments is needed to allow the effect to last four to six months.

BB Lip Kissum provides a gentle coloring treatment that offers beautifully highlighted lips and intensively moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin of the lips, making them feel silky smooth to the touch. BB Lip Kissum treatment is an excellent alternative to other treatment options if you are afraid of a longer lasting effect and any discomfort that can come from other needle treatments.

You should start to see the initial results in about two weeks. However, in order to maintain your goals, follow up treatments are needed. This treatment does not give you “permanent makeup” and will fade over time without additional follow up and maintenance treatments. We have found that two to four treatments generally allows this effect to last about four to six months.

What can I expect after my first treatment?

After your first treatment, expect your lips to be moisturized and provide regeneration. The color chosen is normally semi-transparent, with a lip gloss finish. However, there is no actual gloss included.

Your lips will be very moisturized and will be regenerated. The color is semi-translucent, similar to semi-transparent lip gloss. There is no gloss effect, however. You can ask for more details from our provider about what to expect after each treatment.

What lip colors are available?

At Maki Wellness Center we have the following lip colors available at this moment:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Red wine
  • Delicate pink

We offer BB Lip Tint treatment for clients looking to emphasize their lip color with no pain or downtime. Do you have any questions about BB Lip Tint? Please see the answers below!

Currently, we have red, pink, red wine, and delicate pink available for our BB Lip Tint Treatment. If you are looking for a particular lip color, contact us to let us know and we can book a consultation to see what else we can do for you! Looking for a semi-permanent lip treatment near you? Visit Maki Wellness Center and Aesthetics! We serve patients from Winter Springs FL, Oviedo FL, Casselberry FL, Slavia FL, Longwood FL, and Lake Mary FL.